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Site Rules

We are here to build each other up not to tare each other down 


No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming or advertising


Admin decisions are final


Please be nice

  • How you provide feedback?
    Click on the “Lets Chat” button and we will aim to get back to you asap.
  • What are some of the benefits of becoming a part of the Maud blog community?
    - You are a part of a community that values you and loves God. - Explore the scriptural application to the on going battle we are in every day. - Interact with others from all walks of life and learn from their unique perspective. - Have access to an extensive range of resources from the blog posts, study questions, forums, and a digital bible study notebook.
  • What is the Maud’s blog mission?
    The Maud blog mission is to provide a collection of bible verses for protection, encouragement, and a deepening of your relationship with our Abba Father for as many situations as possible. We want to create a community for you to come to and equip yourself daily. We would love you to connect with others in our public forums and learning from each other. We encourage you to engage with the content and message us whenever you have questions, content suggestions or anything else you need. This community is for anyone who wants to go deeper with God in a safe, accepting and open community.
  • How do you join the Maud Blog community?
    You can join by clicking the “Log In/Sign Up” on the top right of the home page to receive the full access to the community pages, study materials and to receive updates on when content is uploaded. Alternatively, by imputing your email in the “Subscribe Now” down the bottom of any of the websites pages you can receive updates on when new blog post come out.
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